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Max Internet Optimizer 1.0

Boost the speed of your Internet by using Max Internet Optimizer
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Now you can boost the speed of your Internet by using Max Internet Optimizer. This program makes everything that you do on the Internet better and more improved in a dramatic way.
It will boost your Internet's speed for downloading and browsing also it will optimize different Internet related system settings. It will enhance your data transfer to make it much faster.
When you're using this program you will notice a phenomenal increase in your Internet speed when using any Net application such as the ones that do: web browsing, email reading, or downloading music, videos, pictures and much more.
This utility will increase your browser and modem speed up to a percentage of 400 and will optimize your experience in the WWW.
It's very easy to use. To make the full use out of it you need one of these operating systems: Windows 95/98/2000/XP/MENT.
It's designed to heighten your web surfing by optimizing your windows registry automatically. It works with all web browsers. The program can work with all modems and high-speed connections (cable, LAN, DLS, T1, and ISDN) and all other connections.
It will avoid the error pages' unnecessary storage. Enable you to see the control information. Set the processing priority of the web pages. Set selective acknowledgement. Retransmission of lost data.

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